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Canine and Feline Services

Wellness Exams and Vaccinations

 We provide excellent preventative care to ensure that important health issues are addressed early and keep your pet happy and healthy​.


Surgical Procedures

We routinely perform many different surgical procedures including but not limited to spays, neuters, foreign body removal, lump removal, eye surgeries, and orthopedic procedures.  

Dental Procedures

Dental health is important to the overall health of your pet.  Underlying dental disease can also affect other organ systems and lead to disease.  At each dental appointment, the pet is safely put under anesthesia and vital parameters are monitored throughout the procedure.  A record of existing gum and tooth disease is made and the teeth are cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler and polished.  If needed any unhealthy teeth are surgically extracted.

Digital X-Ray and Ultrasonography

We utilize digital x-ray and ultrasound imaging to quickly examine and  diagnose possible diseases or medical conditions.

Emergency Care

A veterinarian is available on call for clients at night, on weekends, and holidays for emergency care or questions concerning an urgent medical situation.  For emergency care call 701-843-8020 to speak to a veterinarian.


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