New Salem Veterinary Clinic

March 20th , 2020


To our valued clients,


With COVID 19 becoming more prevalent, especially in our area, we want to update you on our policies and procedures going forward.


First and foremost, as of the time of this letter, most services will continue as normal, both large and small animal, with very few exceptions.


Especially regarding our bovine clientele, we will be available for all normal and emergency services. Vaccine, antibiotics, OB’s, sick calves, uterine prolapses, etc., will all continue as normal.  


We will be instituting “Curbside Services” to our small animal and large animal clients. We request that when you arrive, call our clinic number at 701-843-8020. If you are here for small animal appointments, we will take a history and relevant information over the phone, and a staff member will come out to bring your animal into the clinic. For large animal clients wishing to pick up vaccine, antibiotics, or supplies, please call when you arrive, tell the receptionist what you need, and we can bring it outside. Even better, call ahead and we can have it ready for you to pick up.


Please bear with us while we make these changes. It will be awkward and inconvenient, but we are doing our part to put social distancing into the forefront to help curb this disease.


Please, do not hesitate to call with questions or concerns. The New Salem Veterinary Clinic is dedicated to the welfare of all animals, and are going to serve New Salem, and surrounding communities, to the best of our ability during this trying time.


Thank you for all you do for us.




New Salem Veterinary Clinic Staff.

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